All English Poetry

1.The Golden Waves of Bliss

The golden waves of bliss,

rising from the seas,

remain for a moment,

charm the mind, the body,

by giving the soul a dip,

refreshes it,

give it the power,

the strength, 

the relevance,

fills pleasure in it

the joy, the delight,

then again set slowly,

from where emerged,

these golden waves of bliss.

2. Who, The holder of 'Truth'

Who, the holder of 'Truth'

He is also the holder of cleanliness,

High - pure,

Beyond Falsehood,

Without texture,

A unique creature,

Does not seem to be of the earth,

High from the sky,

Deeper than the sea,

Neither similar to anyone,

Lives in all,

Unlike all,


But the holder of 'Truth'

The holder of cleanliness.

3.  Have met often

Have met often,

at the Streets, 

on the twists, 

and at the roadsides,

Temples, mosques, gurdwaras,

If not met,

that is a loving heart,

whose principle is,

the worship of humanity,

who has worn,

Jewelry of humility,

and who is full of love,

one with the One,

Speaks sweeter than honey,

Eats by the means of self-earned,

and who is a mass of peace,

On whose chest the rivers erupt,

Of greatness,

Of oneness,

Of affinity.

All English Poetry

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